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We have over 30 years experience of learning and development in social care settings.
We understand the importance of quality care provision and ensuring that those working in adult social care have the right skills and knowledge. Through our years of experience we also understand the challenges that you face providing the best quality care.
We work in partnership with you to enable you to identify your care team’s training needs and provide solutions that enable your team to be the best they can be.
Providing learning solutions through working with you to understand the needs of your adult social care team along with evidence through activity reports and measurement

Why use us?

We understand there are many training providers out there, so why use us?
Here are 5 reasons:
  1. We provide innovative learning solutions that are proven to work. They are effective because the social care learning is focused on your team; the context you work in and all examples are relevant to your care home setting and have daily application.
  2. We embed evaluation strategies into all our learning solutions. Importantly these reports provide you with the evidence you need to show that learning has taken place, including change in behaviour and attitude as well as activity reports.
  3. Our adult social care learning and development tools are engaging and innovative, using the latest technology.
  4. The development of our products is based on the latest research into adult learning. Our years of experience in workforce development tells us that measurement of outcomes is critical. We therefore provide a range of tools and reports to measure success.
  5. We offer cost effective learning solutions. For example, our annual package offers face to face training, e-learning, gamification, scenario based learning and interactive learning tools for your whole team on topics and issues relevant to them.


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