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Lime Vine e-learning and workforce training measurement dashboard

Evaluating learning – it’s not about how many or how happy – it’s about how far.

In the environment of adult social care, with high staff turnover rates, it is a constant challenge for managers to ensure their teams are up to date with their training requirements and getting the most out of the training that they receive. With average turnover rates reported by Skills for Care at 30.7% it can feel like a constant game of catch up. If workforce development across the team is reliant on face to face […]

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Employees discussing Lime Vine training topic

3 things that make a difference to team performance

Creating a perfect team is as difficult as making a perfect cake. With any cake recipe you can have a multitude of ingredients, a little tweak here, a bit of vanilla there, all in search of perfection. Some prefer whisking, some prefer beating, some prefer cold ingredients and some say room temperature is better…quite frankly it is a minefield. The same applies to getting the perfect recipe for team performance.  You may read articles saying […]

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