Compliance animations and video training

Learning through video improves retention

When we say ‘its time for your annual compliance training’ this often puts fear and dread into the learner, with expectations of long and boring courses.

With animations and video training, this does not have to be the case.

We all know that updating people about regulations, legislation and policies is business-critical. And that ultimately compliance training is about creating fairness, safety and ethically sound companies.

Compliance training is often an annual requirement. But it does not have to be the same ‘type’ of training and learning experience each year.

Research proves that learning through video improves people’s retention of information. Video explainers can cover in 2-minutes what some courses cover in an hour, but with more effective results.


So why not try an animation and see the results for yourself.

They can be stand-alone animations or embedded into other online courses that you deliver.

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Examples of our Compliance training animations

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