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We recommend that organisations take a blended approach to learning.
Doing this will ensure that any member of the workforce will engage with learning around key knowledge and skill requirements using a number of different mediums.
One option within a blended learning approach is e-learning.
Lime Vine Stress and anxiety e-learning course

Lime Vine Courses

Our fresh approach to e-learning ensures that in just 10 minutes learners can:
  • engage with real-life scenarios
  • undertake problem solving activities
  • consider new approaches to how they work
  • direct their own learning using a digital platform

Learner Directed

With all our learning solutions we believe that people are at different starting points.
To avoid the frustrations of repeating content that is already known by the employee we precede all our e-learning with knowledge checks that link to the required areas of the course.
Employees only complete the areas of the e-learning where they have knowledge gaps.
Lime Vine e-learning knowledge check
Lime Vine e-learning and workforce training measurement dashboard

Measuring Achievement

For every learning event we offer there are pre and post-learning evaluations. Importantly these provide evidence of distance travelled.
In addition our e-learning platform provides certificates of achievement for each employee.
These two levels of reporting are vital. They provide evidence for inspections and also demonstrate the ‘quality’ of workforce development for your setting.
As experts in evaluation we also offer the highest level of evaluation reporting. This optional extra will provide objective data on sustained behaviour change across your team.

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