At Lime Vine our aim is to engage, intrigue and enable learning.
There is a wealth of research to show that children learn most effectively through play. This does not change when we become adults.
Our games follow this principle. Adults will learn most effectively through play as long as it is relevant, can be self-directed, and is experiential and fun.

Our range of games offer bite sized learning on topics that are relevant across the adult social care environment.

It's a wonderful life

The player chooses one character to support during the game. Each character has different personality traits and life experiences which need to be understood to successfully complete the game.
The journey follows different real life day to day situations and the player has to identify risks and collect items that are important to their character.
The aim is to enable ‘a wonderful life’ through developing an understanding of history, family, personality and intrinsic motivations.


Lime Vine e-Learning game for adult social care employee training

More games

Others games include:
  • Treasure Hunt – A game all about food and nutrition
  • Medication Map – An interactive crossword to develop knowledge around medication
  • Risk Rater – A game of highs and lows looking at risk factors in health care
  • Spot the risks – considerations when working in a care home environment
These are not just games, they are interactive bite-sized learning opportunities.

Measurement of success

Our games are delivered on a digital platform, this means we are able to capture and report on learner engagement.
We can report on:
  • who has completed the game
  • the level they have achieved
We also offer a level 4 evaluation tool. This is important because it will provide data on sustained behaviour change for every individual in your team.
Lime Vine e-learning and workforce training measurement dashboard

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