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Lime Vine learning and development package

Our annual learning and development package is an innovative and cost effective way to ensure the learning needs of your workforce are met throughout the year.


The benefits of the annual package:
  • Chose the subject areas covered in your annual package
  • It is designed to ensure a blended learning approach is adopted for the whole year
  • It includes leading-edge learning methods with a proven track record for enhancing knowledge and skills
  • It enables you to track that all members of the workforce participate and engage in key learning throughout the year
  • It has in-built metrics to enable you to demonstrate the learning and development across your workforce
games, quizzes, e-learning and scenarios for adult social care employee training

The annual package includes


  • One face to face training event on a topic of your choice
  • Two e-learning courses on topics of your choice
  • One online game
  • One online quiz
  • The learning and development toolkit

Further details

In total the package will provide nine distinct learning events to use with your whole team throughout the year.
These packages are provided per setting. Contact us to find out about the discounts for providers with multiple settings.

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