Learning and Development

At it’s best

In knowing that people learn best when the learning is contextualised, relevant and directed by them, we offer a workforce development toolkit.
The Lime Vine development toolkit has a variety of activities that can be utilised during team training sessions, team meetings or one to ones.
The activities are designed to support and enhance the knowledge and skill requirements of your workforce.
Lime Vine adult social care scenario for adult social care team learning


Real-life scenarios: each scenario has a discussion template to draw out key learning points and information sheets to corroborate the main messages.
Adult social care diet and nutrition team quiz

Team Quiz

Dynamic, work-related quiz with directions on how these can be used and answer sheets.
Lime Vine Wonderful Life game bedroom scene


Challenge games on topics such as:
  • aging and medication
  • cognition and personality
  • lifestyle and activity

Case Studies

Case studies and  risk assessment activities.
These encourage employees to take a holistic approach to their work.

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