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Training in the workplace

As an additional component of a blended learning approach to workforce development, we offer in-house training sessions.
Our training experts utilise their facilitation skills to enhance knowledge and understanding of key topics. Learners are challenged with thought provoking questions and activities that deepen their understanding of key areas of their work.

Topic areas

Subjects can include:
  • Management training
  • Aging and cognition
  • The psychological and physiological benefits of sleep
  • Safeguarding vulnerable adults
  • Managing personal data in a care environment
  • Professional ethics in a care environment
Employees discussing Lime Vine training topic
Lime Vine e-learning and workforce training measurement dashboard

Course Evaluation

It is not just delivery of a course that is important it is the measurement of its success.
At Lime Vine we are experts in evaluation. We use all four levels of the evaluation process.
We provide:
Level 1 – data on how many people have completed the course
Level 2 – evaluation reports on learner satisfaction levels and achievement of learning outcomes
Level 3 – evaluation of distance travelled, i.e. improvements in skill and knowledge for each learner through a pre and post course questionnaire
Level 4 – a six month post course evaluation report on sustained behaviour change for each employee

Whenever, Wherever

We believe that training for the social care workforce is best delivered for the whole team at a time and location that is appropriate for all.
Taking this team based training approach guarantees the learning can be contextualized, relevant and applied to the day to day activities.
This methodology is proven to be the most effective for learner engagement, application of skills and knowledge.
In addition it is the most cost effective approach.

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