Care home inspections – here to make your life easier

Working in partnership with care homes to enable achievement of the highest standards.

As a provider of residential care you will know the five overarching standards demonstrated by care homes offering ‘good’ or higher provision.

For each of the five standards: safe, effective, care, responsive and well-led, there are many requirements to evidence when you are inspected.

More importantly these requirements need to be embedded in day to day practice and part of the culture and ethos of the home. If this is the case it doesn’t matter when you are inspected – you work that way year in year out.

At Lime Vine we work in partnership with you to ensure that you and your team are knowledgeable, skilled, confident and competent in all areas.


As a core requirement it is important to ensure that every member of the team is up to date on safeguarding and professional ethics. Our range of support including knowledge checkers and e-learning courses provide the essential knowledge requirements for this area.

Our interventions ensure your team have:

  • The skills needed to make people safe
  • A strong foundation of professional ethics which prevents bullying, harassment, harm or abuse
  • Skills to deal with incidents and accidents quickly and openly, knowing the importance of learning from mistakes
  • An approach that promotes freedom of choice and movement regardless of disability or other needs
  • Knowledge and skills needed to administer medicine safely and store it correctly
  • A focus on health and hygiene to prevent any risk of infection



In order to be effective your team needs to fully understand the principles that support emotional and physical health and well-being. Our range of games covers diet and nutrition, personality and motivational theory.

Through the medium of games your team can learn new skills and approaches that:

  • Focus on nutrient and its link to promoting health and well-being
  • Recognise consent to care and treatment as a fundamental element of effective care
  • Promote health needs and personal preferences while giving choice and control wherever possible
  • Focus on person-centred approaches that include determining resident’s likes, needs and hopes


The Lime Vine resources focus on person centred approaches. By engaging with these approaches it will enable your team to:

  • Encourage residents to express their views, no matter how complex their needs are
  • Focus on residents wishes for care at the end of life, if this applies
  • Approach everything they do with dignity, respect and privacy
  • Know the importance of time in developing trusting relationships


Person centred planning means that any care plan includes information about someone’s whole life, including goals, abilities and how they want to manage their health. The plan will also include details about hobbies and community involvement if this is important to the person.

A responsive care home will have good person centred planning processes in place and a staff team that is skilled and knowledgeable in this approach.

‘It’s a wonderful life’ is a fantastic learning resource from Lime Vine that covers the importance of person centred planning through game scenario based learning.


A well-led care home has skilled and confident managers that support and develop their teams to provide the best possible care. Lime Vine is here to work in partnership with you to enable the achievement of the highest possible standards.

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