The way we live, the way we work and the way we train has evolved beyond our imagining in the last two years, since the onset on the global pandemic.

What does 2022 hold for organisations?

It is clear that organisations must embrace the hybrid working model fully to attract and retain the best talent in 2022. In addition, IT teams must ensure their infrastructure, software and platforms are fit for purpose, up to date and secure.

The use of online collaborative tools has had a massive impact on the ability to work effectively from a variety of locations. This is combined with other technological developments which have allowed flexibility in working practices have positively contributed to what is now becoming a ‘new normal’.

What has happened in Training?

Three questions in the 2021 Training Industry Report explore the effects of the pandemic on learning and development. It is interesting to note that the findings concluded that the highest percentage (33%), of respondents said, ‘no training was put on hold due to the pandemic’. This indicates that a significant number of organisations are effectively using learning platforms, technology and collaborative tools to reach their employees.

What were the biggest training challenges in 2021

The three greatest challenges were:

Training priorities and trends for 2022

These finding are complemented by which has reported the key trends for 2022.

The focus is on improving efficiency across the training departments to improve the processes and tools needed to deliver effective training programs.

Some of the trends highlighted in the report explore the need for:

In conclusion

Hybrid/remote/flexible working is here to stay and is the preferred working method for most employees. Organisations need to embrace technology and digital advancements that will support this way of working. The deployment of micro learning, delivered in the flow of work is a key trend of 2022. Integrating creative and innovative ways of developing the skills and knowledge of employees, such as explainer videos supplemented by assessment of learning, will have a central place in the learning and development environment for years to come.

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