Financial crime animations and video training

Learning through video improves retention

Financial crime is a huge concern for all organisations, from the largest global institutions to the smallest companies and partnerships.

Preventing financial crime is rapidly evolving to be one of company’s biggest challenges, the impact of which extends well beyond monetary losses to reputation, employee morale business relations, a well as regulatory censure.

The main types of financial crime are:
The foundation of any successful fight against financial crime is when employees remain honest and become the most effective front-line defence against fraudulent activity.
Employees are more motivated when they believe that fraud prevention is a common objective throughout the organisation at all levels, that they have been trained to play their part in the fight, and that their efforts are acknowledged.
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Our explainer videos provide training that covers the essentials of Anti-money Laundering (AML).

They also cover what bribery and corruption is and how it can be avoided.

Our Competition Law animation covers the requirements to avoid market abuse and insider dealing.

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