Did you know that YouTube statistics show that more than one billion learning related videos are viewed every day? It is a fact – video is a learner’s medium of choice.

But with the volume of misinformation and fake news, the question is, are learners accessing quality, verified material that truly supports their knowledge and understanding of a topic?

This is one of the challenges for educators – where to source quality, reliable and relevant material.

In a recent study 71% of educators reported that they would like to see recommended videos as this would reduce the time spent looking for videos and reduce frustration trying to source the most relevant ones.

Why are learners turning to video?

In our digital and interconnected world learners turn to material that is easy to access, engaging and quick to absorb.

In addition, research shows that videos give learners greater ability to focus their attention and processing capacity to the content itself, rather than the reading processes required to construct meaning from the written word.

Why are educators turning to video?

Explainer videos are a great tool that a lot of educators are now turning to. If relevant and reliable videos are sourced, they can:

What are some of the challenges?

Challenges for educators are evident in some organisational restrictions on access to certain multi-media sites. For example, 30% of teachers have indicated that their institution restricts access to some popular websites, which can force them to use workarounds or forgo using video learning resources.

The vast array of file format options can also present some difficulties for educators in relation to compatibility, accessibility and storage.

The ability to edit videos is a key requirement. Educators want to make the learning relevant and inter-related to other material, therefore the ability to make amendments is a key requirement.

What makes a good explainer video?

The statistics show that both educators and learners prefer videos to be between two and ten minutes in length. At Lime Vine our videos are typically two minutes long.

A good video should be available on demand, when the learner wants to access it.

A good video will be engaging, visually stimulating and relevant.

At Lime Vine we believe that quality does not have to be compromised when delivering learning through video.

We understand that content relevance and reliability is fundamental for educators, as well as the ability to amend material, so that it is fit for each individual audience.

Final summary

As educators – it is at our own peril to ignore the learning medium of choice for over one billion learners a day, that is why video learning is the future.

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