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Next generation learning eBook

The top ten trends New working models, artificial intelligence (AI) and the next generation workforce are all shaping the business world and forming the next

Creating a culture of learning

As our working patterns have evolved, so have the expectations of our employees. Expectations are a fundamental element of any culture and so we are seeing cultural shifts across many organisations.
As a learning and development professional, this is an opportunity to influence the cultural dynamic within your workplace, but there are many factors to consider in creating a ‘culture of learning’ that is effective, provides value and has a positive impact on the organisation. One of the primary considerations is aligning the culture of learning you are creating with the wider organisational culture you are operating in. Do you agree?

Learning in the flow of work

It has been 4 years since Josh Bersin introduced the concept of ‘learning in the flow of work’. Is it fair to say that the impact of the pandemic on learning and work has moved us on considerably to making ‘learning in the flow of work’ a reality?

10 tips from the neuroscience of learning

You have 1 minute to engage your audience, here are 10 tips from the neuroscience of learning When considering learner-led training, most evidence demonstrates that

How to transform your induction training

Hybrid working models, a new generation of workers and digital developments are transforming the modern workplace. Many organisations are embracing the concept of hybrid working